Lieke Gulikers


Lieke Gulikers is an art director who develops PU and leather collections in the fashion industry. She works for the European and Far East markets.

focusing on handbags and shoes.

Lieke started her own company in 2008, a year after graduating from university in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. She followed her dream and moved to China for a year to set up her brand LaLiek, consisting of high quality handbags with a special styling. As owner of the company she was responsible for the whole development and trade chain from product design, quality control to distribution and sales.

After returning to the Netherlands she consulted, developed and produced for other brands and well-known chain stores in Europe and China. In addition to designing and developing, Lieke has a large network and broad experience in the trading business in China.

Lieke Gulikers divides her stays between The Netherlands and China.

Lieke Gulikers
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